Welcome – Test Page

Welcome! The AccessibleLibraries.ca website is a resource center for libraries across Canada. We focus on educating and training library staff on the importance of accessibility in public libraries. There are two types of resources available on the website to support your library’s accessibility needs.

Option 1


  • Plugin: PostX
  • We need the paid version of this plugin (if accessible) to get all the functionality that we need, specifically different taxonomy views. It is a really robust way to organize the different resources on the website.
  • You can buy a multisite lifetime license.
  • There are a lot of options available with this plugin to display content. I’ve created a Webpage test page with some of the different options this plugin has.

Option 2


  • Plugin: Smart Post
  • For more views, we need the paid version of the plugin. It does offer a lifetime license for multiple sites.

Option 2 – Carousal Format

I’m curious if this is accessible (the plugin says that they’ve taken steps to make it accessible).

Option 3


  • Plugin: Modula
  • It’s a gallery plugin, not a post/content plugin like options 1 and 2. We do need the paid version of the plugin to have different text/title headings that overlay on the image. They offer a lifetime license.

[modula id=”8724″]