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Chart Test: Long Description

    The long description for the bar chart used in the “Accessible Presentation Demo”:

    A bar graph shows the data distributions if participant library content is accessible, separated into physical and digital content categories. Each category has three bars representing the option that participants could select – “Yes,” “No,” and “I don’t know.” “Yes” is the black bar on the left and has the quantity in white text written over it. “No” is the blue bar in the middle with the amount in black text. The “I don’t know” bar is dark-purple, on the right, with the quantity in white text. A legend is at the bottom of the graph to associate the bar colour with the response.

    Date breakdown:

    • Physical content:
      • 36 participants selected “Yes”
      • 4 participants selected “No”
      • 17 participants selected “I don’t know”
    • Digital Content
      • 45 participants selected “Yes”
      • 2 participants selected “No”
      • 10 participants selected “I don’t know”