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PLARC Project Contributors

A portrait of Geoffrey smiling in front of a dark grey background. He has short grey hair light skin, and is wearing blue-framed glasses and a light grey sweater over a blue collared shirt.

Geoffrey Allen

Director, Collections

Regina Public Library

Geoffrey Allen (he/they) is Director, Collections at Regina Public Library. He is passionate about systems and knowledge sharing but especially for making these services accessible and inclusive for all people.

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Lora Baiocco

Online services and archives librarian / Bibliothécaire, services en ligne et archives

Bibliothèque publique de Westmount / Westmount Public Library

Lora Baiocco (she/her/elle) is the Online services and archives librarian at the Westmount Public Library. She manages and develops a bilingual library website, implements and evaluates online services, and manages the Library's archives.

A portrait of Laurie wearing a royal blue shirt and a gold necklace. She has a light skin tone, short blond hair, green eyes, and is smiling. The background is a blank white wall.

Laurie Davidson

Executive Director

Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA)

Laurie (she/her) is passionate about building an accessible and equitable reading landscape for all. She has more than 25 years of experience working as a librarian and technologist in a variety of settings.

A portrait of Rina smiling, sitting on a bench, her head slightly turned to the left, looking out of the frame. She has light skin, short grey-blond hair, and brown eyes. She is wearing silver earrings, a necklace and a black top. The background is black and white, part of the bench and blurry tree branches.

Rina Hadziev

Executive Director

BC Library Association

Rina (she/her) has over 20 years of experience in library leadership, with a focus on collections and technical services, including serving as the temporary Executive Director of CELA for one year in 2019/20.

Portrait of Riane smiling in front of a blurred wintery forest backdrop. She has blue eyes, light skin, and a few freckles. Her light brown hair is in two french-braids and she wears a bright red collared coat with a prominent gold zipper.

Riane Lapaire

Braille & Accessibility Testing Coordinator

National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS)

With over a decade of working in alternate format materials and accessibility, Riane's (she/her) current passion is finding ways to increase timely access to quality braille and tactile graphics for readers. Riane's hobbies include music and gardening.

Daniella smiles, standing between red library bookshelves. She had long, curly, light brown hair and medium-light skin. She wears a light blue blouse and a silver moon and star necklace. A book is held open to her left, held by someone out of frame.

Daniella Levy-Pinto

NNELS Manager

National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS)

Daniella’s (she/her) work informs a shift towards accessible-by-design products and services. She is totally blind and has used assistive technologies for over 25 years in academic and professional settings. She holds a Ph.D. in Political Science.

A portrait of Colette standing in front of a dark grey background. She has long red hair, a light skin tone, and a relaxed expression. She wears black framed glasses and a dark purple sweater with a high neck.

Colette Poitras

Indigenous Public Library Services Advisor

Public Library Services Branch, Municipal Affairs, Government of Alberta

With deep roots in the Red River, Edmonton and St. Paul des Métis, Colette Poitras (she/her) is a Métis librarian who is interested in breaking down barriers and increasing access to library services.

Portrait of Joan, smiling in front of a white background. She has short red hair, brown eyes, light skin and is wearing a black sweater with brown and yellow flowers.

Joan Ransom

Stonewall Branch Librarian

South Interlake Regional Library

As a rural public librarian, Joan (she/her) is committed to providing library service to patrons who live in the small communities within the South Interlake Region. She is excited to share PLARC's work to help all rural libraries be more accessible.

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John Giovanni Romano

Digital Technologies Manager

Toronto Public Library

With over 25 years of experience in IT across diverse roles in project strategy and delivery, as well as management, I (he/him) am a seasoned professional who has become a trusted and strategic business partner.

A portrait of Megan smiling. She has long dark brown hair, green eyes, and light skin, and is wearing large, black-framed glasses and a black sweater. Behind her is a window with a green plant on the ledge and a landscape watercolour.

Megan Sellmer

Web and Usability Assistant

National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS)

Megan (she/her) received her graduate degree in Humanities Computing and Library and Information Studies from the University of Alberta, focusing on digital access to information. She’s passionate about access for all to information, cooking and golf!

Lindsay is smiling at the camera in a garden. She has below-chin length brown hair, light skin, green eyes and is wearing a blue flora top. There is a brick home in the background and green trees and bushes.

Lindsay Tyler

Senior Manager

Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA)

Lindsay (she/her) holds and MLIS from McGill University and has over 15 years experience working in accessible library services for people with print disabilities. Her areas of expertise include accessible technology, outreach and reader advisory.

Wendy is smiling and standing beside a costumed performer (Findlay) dressed as a large orange bird with purple eyes and a yellow beak. Wendy has curly, medium-length blond hair and a light skin tone and is wearing a turquoise dress with a gold necklace. Findlay is waving at the camera with its left wing (which is also wrapped around Wendy).

Wendy Wayling

Children’s Librarian

Bibliothèque Publique De Westmount Public Library

I (she/her) received my MLIS from McGill University in 1994. Since then, I have always worked in public libraries. I have been head of the children's library at the Westmount Public Library in Montreal, QC since 1998.

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Corey Wintermute

Audiobook Coordinator

National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS)

Corey Wintemute (he/him) is a graduate of Langara College's Library and Information Technology program. In his free time he likes to write and record music, and has been able to combine these passions in the role of Audiobook Coordinator for NNELS.

A black and white photo of Pikiora smiling. She has long dark hair, light skin, and is wearing a black blouse with white polka-dots. A row of lights is above a wall in the background.

Pikiora Wylie

Public Services Librarian

National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS)

Hello everyone, My name is Pikiora and I work with for NNELS as the Public Services Librarian. My role is mainly about working with libraries and NNELS patrons to connect people with the books they want from the NNELS collection.

Rachel has long, brown-blond hair swept over her left shoulder, light skin, blue eyes, and pink lips titled in a slight smile. She is wearing thin, dark-framed glasses and a grey sweater. In the background, a beige carpet (to the right), a white cement block wall, and a light grey door frame to the left.

Rachel Young

Library Supervisor

Mississauga Library

Rachel (she/her) is a library worker, activist, musician and artist in Toronto. She lives with a print disability. She enjoys games, languages and circumpolar places and is passionate about access for all and fostering creativity and the arts with programs.