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2020 Overdrive Report

    Creator: National Network for Equitable Library Service

    Last Updated: March 23, 2024


    The 2020 Overdrive report provides an in-depth accessibility analysis of the Overdrive platforms. It highlights various accessible barriers encountered when navigating the website and application using various devices and assistive technologies. The Overdrive report is particularly useful to platform developers, library staff, and patrons who are interested in this platform.

    This information was summarized from the 2020 Overdrive Report.

    Quick Facts

    The 2020 Overdrive report highlights accessibility barriers encountered during the testing process.  Findings and recommendations focusing on improving the platform for users with print disabilities include:

    • Screen reader users encountered instances of backfield interference when navigating the application. Phantom buttons are read by the screen reader; however, pop-up buttons or controls are given priority and must be closed or navigated around before the other controls can be interacted with.
    • Screen reader users encountered navigational issues when attempting to read an ebook, noting that using the table of contents was especially cumbersome.
    • Screen reader users encountered unlabelled elements, adding an element of tedium to the navigation process.
    • When reading an e-book, a screen reader continuously reads through the story. However, the user’s progress is not recognized. If the user reopened their book at a later date, their progress would start on the last page they interacted with, which, in some circumstances, could have been the first page of the book.
    • Screen reader users who attempted to access Overdrive through the website encountered significant barriers during the sign-in process, making it impossible for them to gain access to the Overdrive catalogue.
    • Recommendations were made to improve the overall screen reader functionality on iOS, Android and Windows to enhance the user experience for those who rely on screen readers.
    • This report emphasizes the importance of enhancing support documentation and user guides.  Recommendations focussed on creating Accessible support materials so that users with print disabilities can fully access the platform’s capabilities.

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    National Network For Equitable Library Service. (2020, June). OverDrive Full Report.