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A11Y Project

    Creator: A11Y Project

    Date Updated: August 19, 2022


    This website provides a WCAG compliance checklist that you can use to evaluate your digital content and a very comprehensive list of resources relevant to digital accessibility. This is one of the broader resource lists available online, and they do a great job breaking them down into relevant categories.

    The information is summarized from the A11Y Project website.

    Quick Facts

    • You can use the a11y checklist to ensure your website follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This checklist will not guarantee that your website is accessible, but it will create a more streamlined and accessible experience for all visitors. Examples from the checklist include:
      • Make sure all labels (for buttons and links) are informative. For example, do not use the link text “Click here.”
      • Provide a unique title for each web page or view.
      • Make sure users can navigate your site using their keyboard and that keyboard navigation matches the visual layout of your site.
      • Provide alt text and text alternatives for complex images (like charts, graphs, and diagrams).
      • Use headings to organize content, but they must be in order (Heading level 1 > Heading level 2 > Heading level 3). Do not skip heading levels (e.g. going from a heading level 1 to a level 3).
      • When creating lists, use HTML elements (ol, ul, and dl).
      • Provide skip links to the main menu and main content.
      • Make sure that links look like links (underlined and in a different colour).
      • Use the HTML table element to define tables.
      • Make sure all form inputs are correctly associated with labels.
      • Media on your website should not use autoplay when users open the page.
      • Make sure your website’s videos and audio have captions and transcriptions.

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