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Accessibility Etiquette in the Library Panel Discussion

    Creator: Accessible Libraries

    Date of Update: November 29, 2023


    The Accessibility Etiquette panel brings together a group of experts to talk about their positive and negative library experiences, how those experiences could have been improved, with suggestions on how to do so. The panellists include persons with lived experience of a disability and a public services librarian for a multi-sided perspective.


    • Adam Cahoon (Guest Speaker)
    • Jennifer Conroy (Guest Speaker)
    • Ka Li (Accessibility Analyst, NNELS)
    • Letty Timmerman (Guest Speaker)  
    • Pikiora Wylie (Public Services Librarian, NNELS)

    Panel Questions

    1. Can you tell us about a positive accessibility etiquette experience?
    2. Can you tell us about a negative accessibility etiquette experience?
    3. What could the library have done to make this accessibility etiquette experience a good one? 
    4. What do you want library staff to know or advice to take away about accessibility etiquette?

    Panel Recording