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Accessibility Interview Questions

    Creator: Scott O’Hara

    Date Updated: October 21, 2021


    Accessibility interview questions list potential job interview questions meant to gauge someone’s understanding of digital accessibility.

    The information is summarized from the Accessibility Interview Questions web page.

    Quick Facts

    • This resource suggests that you do not ask about specific facts and figures when interviewing job candidates. For example, please state verbatim the WCAG guideline 2.3 (FYI, it is “Seizures and Physical Reactions – do not design content in a way known to cause seizures”).
    • The Accessibility Interview questions separate questions into four sections-General, Technical, Design, and Content.
      • The General section has interview questions that aim to learn more about what accessibility means to the candidate and how knowledgeable they are about the “basics” like assistive technologies and WCAG.
      • The Technical section dives deeper into the technical aspects of accessibility like ARIA attributes and accessible HTML tags like <alt> text.
      • The Design section has questions about how the use of colour and images can affect accessibility.
      • The Content section asks how you can make email, documents, etc., accessible for users and what social media platform accessibility best practices are.

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