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Accessibility Report for Mango Languages

    Creator: National Network for Equitable Library Service

    Date Updated: March 28, 2024


    Mango Languages is an online learning platform often available to library patrons through their library card. This site has overall adequate accessibility for most with print disabilities. We will describe below some ways in which the websites and apps are accessible and some gotchas that should be noted when recommending this service to a patron.

    The information on this page is summarized from the Accessibility Report for Mango Languages.

    Quick Facts

    The Mango Languages program is both an application and a website. Overall, the website does an extremely good job at providing the basic information to screen readers and magnification users, with some small exceptions:

    • The structure of the website may be confusing since all headings are level 4 headings. Generally, headings should be structured with heading levels from 1 to 6 in a hierarchy.
    • There are no direct font adjustment options. However, those with dyslexia or low vision who would like to use a different or larger font may use this option.
    • There is no dark mode. This mode may be preferred by those with light sensitivity.
    • Although most of the content is not contained in the graphics, the graphics that are included are often not described for screen reader users.
    • The application has some additional problems.
      • The foreign language text is not labelled as being a foreign language. This means if the user’s native language was English and they were learning French, the French words would be pronounced with an English text-to-speech system.
      • No heading hierarchy at all.

    Despite these issues listed above, the application was usable by those with various print disabilities, and the website was even more usable.

    Read the full Accessibility Report for Mango Languages on


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