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Accessibility Roles and Hiring Survey 2022

    Creator: Devon Persing

    Date of Update: March 5, 2024


    Who are these accessibility professionals? This survey, useful for hiring manager and library staff alike, gives an insight into the demographics, role distribution, and barriers faced by accessibility professional.

    The information is a summary of the data from the Accessibility roles and hiring survey 2022 by Devon Persing.

    Quick Facts

    In 2022, Devon, an accessibility professional herself, created a survey to learn more about how people develop accessibility in their own work as educators, software developers, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Through this survey, she found some very interesting data, but admits since she works in the United States; and because of this, her sample is biased towards North America.

    • Most (58%) work a for-profit companies, with about half of that are working in non-profit sectors (26%), and the rest work in startups or are self-employed (16%).
    • A sizeable minority (45%) do not believe they have adequate resources to complete their accessibility-related tasks. The largest complaint for support was a lack of time, at 56%; followed by workflows and processes at 46%; finally, budget accounted for 42% of missing resources.
    • Individuals who work on accessibility make around the same amount as their peers.

    For more details information, visit Devon’s website and survey summary.


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