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Accessible Reading Technologies Webinar

    Creator: Centre for Equitable Library Access

    Date Updated: March 23, 2024


    The Accessibility Reading Technologies Webinar briefly examines various Accessible formats and technologies. This webinar highlights the importance of ensuring that the entire process of obtaining a book from start to finish is Accessible. This webinar is beneficial for library staff and patrons with print disabilities so that the best guidance and information can be provided.

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    Quick Facts

    This webinar provides an introduction to assistive technologies. It includes information on what format Accessible reading technologies can work with and where someone can try out some of the technologies discussed.

    • Accessible Navigation: The webinar emphasizes that it is not enough for the reading material to be accessible; the entire process of navigating the website or application, selecting an element from the online catalogue, and downloading and accessing the item must be accessible.
    • Accessible Technologies: The Accessible Reading Technologies Webinar provides a brief example of assistive technologies, like Jaws, that are in use. It also provides additional information about where one can try out these assistive technologies for themselves, providing a valuable experience for those in a public-facing field.
    • Accessible Formats: The webinar stresses that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for accessibility.  Formats like epub3 can be designed with multiple accessible options built in, and as there are multiple print disabilities, so too should there be multiple options for the user to customize their most comfortable reading experience. This webinar discusses formats like braille, Daisy and audiobooks as additional options for Accessible reading material.

    For more information, check out the Accessible Reading Technologies Webinar.


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