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Braille at NNELS

    Creator: National Network for Equitable Library Service

    Date Updated: March 30, 2024


    The National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS) in Canada has launched initiatives to improve braille accessibility in public libraries based on a 2018 study. Their efforts include a braille pilot project with two main components: the Distributed Braille Collection and the Print-Braille Collection, supported by the Government of Canada. These collections aim to increase the availability of braille and print-braille books across Canada, facilitating equitable reading experiences. NNELS also offers tutorials and recommendations for assistive technology, supporting braille users in accessing and reading books from their catalogue.

    The information on this page is summarized from the Braille at NNELS webpage.

    Quick Facts

    • NNELS embarked on a two-year pilot project to create a shared collection of braille books for Canadian public libraries.
    • The project included a Distributed Braille Collection of titles made available through host libraries and electronically.
    • The collection focused on growing its titles by working with publishers on simultaneous braille and print releases.
    • A Print-Braille Collection was created with English and French titles produced and distributed across Canada.
    • Both collections are partly funded by the Government of Canada and aim to improve braille availability.
    • There are now 20 host public libraries across Canada that participate in the Distributed Braille Collection.
    • Electronic braille files of titles are available through the NNELS repository.
    • Tutorials are provided on using different braille displays to read books from the NNELS catalogue.
    • Braille display and notetaker suggestions for purchase are available.
    • The overall goal is to develop and grow a more equitable reading landscape for braille users in Canada.

    For more information, visit the Braille at NNELS webpage.


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