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    Creator: Zedge, Inc.

    Date of Update: January 23, 2023


    Emojipedia is a database of emojis. It provides the emoji description, information about the emoji, like how it is commonly used, and how the different emojis are portrayed on different platforms and devices (e.g., Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, etc.). Library staff should reference this website when adding emojis to their social media posts, as the descriptions are what screen readers read around when

    The information in this resource is summarized from the Emojipedia website.

    Quick Facts

    Emojipedia is an excellent resource to consult when creating your social media posts. The descriptions associated with emojis act as the alt text for the images/icons, so this is what screen readers announce when they are reading your posts.

    Emoji descriptions are not always what you expect them to be, and sometimes the meaning that society associates with an emoji differs from the actual description. Emojipedia can also be used as a reference for how the use of the emoji can differ from its description. Here are some examples:

    • The emoji 💫 is commonly used to indicate something positive, but the description for this emoji is “Dizzy” and should actually be used to describe someone or something that is dizzy.
    • There are several book emojis, but the descriptions can differ. For example, 📗 has the description “Green Book,” but 📕 has the description “Closed Book.”
    • The emoji ⚡ has the description “High Voltage,” but it is generally used to depict lightning.

    For more information about using emojis in your social media posts, check out our training resources, Checklist: Creating Accessible Social Media Posts.

    Visit the Emojipedia website.


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