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    Creator: Fable

    Date Updated: March 24, 2024


    Fable is a platform that enhances digital accessibility through the involvement of people with disabilities. It offers tools and services designed for accessibility testing and training, aimed at helping digital teams integrate inclusive practices into their work. Fable emphasizes the importance of going beyond WCAG compliance, advocating for usability testing with people with disabilities to ensure products are genuinely accessible and user-friendly. The platform is trusted by leading organizations and is notable for its enterprise-grade security standards, being ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified.

    The information on this page is summarized from the Fable website.

    Quick Facts

    Fable offers accessibility testing services and training where the emphasis is on testing with users of assistive technologies to gain insights about accessibility challenges to improve product usability for persons with disabilities.

    • This allows companies to understand how people with disabilities use their products.
    • It emphasizes catching accessibility issues early in the development process, when fixes are easier and cheaper to implement.
    • Additionally, they say that by prioritizing the most critical issues, significant accessibility barriers can be removed first.

    Companies can learn on-demand from people with disabilities who are experts in their own assistive technology. Their offerings include:

    • Fable Engage, where companies can test with users;
    • Fable Upskill, for organizations to develop accessibility knowledge;
    • The AUS survey tool, for organizations to keep track of their progress and the impact of their accessibility work.

    For more information, check out the Fable website!


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