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Made by Dyslexia

    Creator: Made by Dyslexia

    Date Updated: March 30, 2024


    Made by Dyslexia is a website dedicated to empowering and highlighting dyslexia. It provides information that indicates dyslexia is a skill to be valued and not a hindrance. This website is particularly useful for library staff and anyone who has dyslexia and is focused on its negative implications.

    This information was summarized from The Made by Dyslexia website.

    Quick Facts

    The Made by Dyslexia website provides statistical proof that dyslexia is a sought-after skill. The website focuses on dyslexia’s positive attributes and aims to empower individuals.

    Key information includes:

    • By 2030, Made by Dyslexia aims to train schools and workplaces in the power of dyslexic thinking.
    • Made by Dyslexia holds campaigns and inspirational events with dedicated partners dispelling the negativity surrounding dyslexia.
    • Statistical analysis of the benefits of dyslexia includes the following:
      • 84% of individuals diagnosed with dyslexia are above average at reasoning, understanding patterns and evaluating possibilities.
      • 75% of people with dyslexia are above average when visualizing new concepts.
      • 85% of people with dyslexia excel at connecting and empathizing with others.
      • 84% of people with dyslexia are above average at exploring new ideas and concepts.

    For more information, go to The Made by Dyslexia website.


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