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National Braille Press

    Creator: National Braille Press

    Date Updated: March 20, 2024


    The National Braille Press (NBP) is dedicated to empowering the blind and visually impaired by promoting braille literacy and learning through touch. NBP offers a range of programs, materials, and technology designed to support this mission, aiming to enhance accessibility and educational opportunities for those who rely on braille. Their efforts underscore the importance of braille as a fundamental tool for literacy and independence.

    The information on this page is summarized from the National Braille Press.

    Quick Facts

    The National Braille Press offers programs, materials, and technology designed to facilitate access to braille and tactile learning resources. Their mission encompasses promoting literacy, providing braille textbooks, creating tactile maps, and offering braille transcription services. Additionally, NBP engages in various activities to enhance braille literacy, including organizing events and offering resources for both individuals and businesses interested in braille.


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