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Nova Scotia Legislature Accessibility Act

    Creator: Nova Scotia Legislature

    Date Updated: March 24, 2024


    The Accessibility Act (Bill No. 59), passed in 2017 by the Nova Scotia Legislature, aims to enhance accessibility for individuals with disabilities in Nova Scotia by 2030. It mandates the prevention and removal of barriers across various domains, such as goods and services delivery, public transportation, employment, and education. The act also establishes the Accessibility Directorate to support accessibility initiatives and involves the participation of persons with disabilities, public sector bodies, and other stakeholders in the development and implementation of accessibility standards.

    The information on this page is summarized from the Nova Scotia Legislature Accessibility Act.

    Quick Facts

    • The purpose of the Accessibility Act is to prevent and remove barriers that hinder persons with disabilities from living up to their fullest potential.
    • It aims to address barriers in areas like information, communication, employment, and public transportation.
    • The Act aims to facilitate the implementation of accessibility standards with the goal of achieving an accessible Nova Scotia by 2030.
    • The Act establishes an Accessibility Directorate to support accessibility initiatives and advance disability-related issues.
    • The Act requires the establishment of an Accessibility Advisory Board to provide input on policies and requirements that may be implemented by the Government as they pertain to accessibility.
    • Additionally, they are responsible for determining whether current accessibility policies and requirements align with accessibility standards.
    • The Act empowers inspectors to enforce compliance with the Act and regulations, including through orders and administrative penalties.
    • Public sector bodies must establish accessibility advisory committees with at least 50% representation from people with disabilities.
    • The Act outlines offences and penalties for non-compliance, including fines up to $250,000.

    You can read the full Nova Scotia Legislature Accessibility Act here.


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