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Accessible Spaces 101

    Creator: PowerED

    Date Updated: October 21, 2022


    This course has been developed for many professionals interested in expanding their practical understanding of accessibility. Upon completion of Accessible Spaces 101, a digital badge is awarded that can be saved and shared.

    The information is summarized from Accessible Spaces 101.

    Quick Facts

    • Many Canadians have experienced a permanent or temporary disability. Making sure all spaces are accessible will help everyone participate in our communities and society without barriers.
    • Accessible Spaces 101 is an online two-week self-paced training course that will require about 8 hours of your time each week. The total cost to take this course is $720.
    • You will learn the following information in this course:
      • The impact social and physical environments have on people with disabilities.
      • Current accessibility legislation, laws, and standards
      • Understanding universal design principles and standards in physical spaces
    • By the end of this course, you will be able to:
      • Confidently support the needs and capabilities of a diverse workforce that includes people with disabilities.
      • Communicate respectively with people with disabilities.
      • Improve accessibility in the workplace and your services.
      • Understand legislation and laws related to disabilities and accessibility.
      • Incorporate accessibility into different projects.

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