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PressReader Testing Report

    Creator: National Network for Equitable Library Service

    Last Updated: March 13, 2024


    The 2020 PressReader Report provides an in-depth accessibility analysis of the PressReader website. This report highlights various accessible barriers encountered when navigating this website and accessing its content. The 2020 PressReader Report is particularly useful to the developers of the PressReader digital platform and library staff with patrons interested in the PressReader website.

    This information was summarized from the 2020 PressReader Report.

    Quick Facts

    The 2020 PressReader report Indicated areas for improvement and some positive aspects during the testing process. The following are some of the key findings and recommendations:

    • Keyboard Navigation: Navigating the PressReader website using keyboard controls was generally a pleasant experience, but some areas needed improvement.  Recommendations were made to ensure all interactive elements are accessible and navigable with only a keyboard.
    • Screen Reader Compatibility: The only significant barrier that testers who rely on screen readers encountered pertained to alt text. Image descriptions were not evident, so recommendations were made to implement alt text so visually impaired users may enjoy and understand the material.
    • Colour Contrast: Certain colour combinations on the website did not meet the minimum contrast requirements indicated in the WCAG. Recommendations were made to adjust these elements to improve the readability of users with visual impairments.
    • Form Labels and Error Handling: Testers encountered some form elements that did not have proper labelling. Subsequent error messages were not always clearly associated with their relevant input fields. To improve the user experience, recommendations were made to implement proper labels for form elements and ensure error messages were associated with their respective fields.

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    National Network for Equitable Library Service. (2020b, July). Accessibility Testing of PressReader Website – 2020.