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PrêtNumérique Testing Report

    Creator: National Network for Equitable Library Service

    Last Updated: March 13, 2024


    The 2021 PrêtNumérique report provides an in-depth accessibility analysis of the PrêtNumérique platform. It highlights accessible barriers encountered when testing this platform on various devices. The PrêtNumérique report is particularly useful to developers and library patrons interested in the PrêtNumérique content.

    This information was summarized from the 2021 PrêtNumérique Report.

    Quick Facts

    The website discusses the accessibility testing of PrêtNumérique in 2021. The PrêtNumérique Website and mobile application were tested, and findings and recommendations include the following:

    • Screen Reader:  Primarily encountered on the iOS and Android mobile applications, testers reported elements that were mislabelled or unlabeled, significantly impacting this platform’s useability. This ranged from entire sections not recognized by the screen reader to buttons and input fields with additional characters or phrases added to labels. Recommendations were made to implement proper labelling practices and prioritize screen reader functionality.
    • Visual Customization: Testers noted that the ebook’s visual customization options varied depending on the platform. Recommendations were made to ensure that background colour, text style, spacing, colour, and size options were universally available across all platforms.
    • Ebook Functionality: Testers also discovered that a read-aloud feature was not present when accessing ebooks. Screen reader users also indicated that they could not continuously read the ebook on the web reader; they needed to press the next button to proceed.

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    National Network for Equitable Library Service. (2021, March). Accessibility Testing of PrêtNumérique – 2021.