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Putting the “A” in DEIA

    Creator: Choice 360

    Date Updated: March 23, 2024


    The Putting the A in DEIA webinar discusses the importance of Accessible scholarly materials through the insights of professionals and those with lived experiences. This webinar is particularly helpful for library staff as it will provide valuable information when assisting patrons with print disabilities.

    This information was summarized from The Putting the A in DEIA webinar.

    Quick Facts

    The webinar “Putting the ‘A’ in DEIA: Accessibility as a Necessity in the Scholarly Communications Workflow” emphasizes the growing importance of accessibility within scholarly communications and materials.  Highlights from this webinar include:

    • Speakers from diverse backgrounds share insights and strategies for integrating accessibility into publishing, library management and content provision, highlighting legal, ethical, and business incentives for prioritizing accessibility in scholarly materials.
    • It addresses how stakeholders can ensure accessibility and equity throughout the publishing process.
    • It emphasizes Accessibility is essential for ensuring inclusivity in scholarly communication.
    • The webinar explores practical strategies and tools for incorporating accessibility into various stages of the scholarly workflow.
    • The discussion aims to empower scholarly publishers and professionals to prioritize accessibility as a core component of their work.
    • Attendees can gain insights into best practices and resources for fostering a more accessible scholarly ecosystem.


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