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RBDigital Testing Report

    Creator: National Network for Equitable Library Service

    Date Updated: March 13, 2024.


    The 2020 RBDigital report provides an in-depth accessibility analysis of the RBDigital platform. It highlights various accessible barriers encountered when navigating the form using various assistive technologies. The RBDigital report is particularly useful to platform developers and library staff who interact with patrons who have print disabilities.

    This information was summarized from The 2020 RBDigital Report.

    Quick Facts

    The 2020 RBDigital Report highlights various accessible barriers encountered when testing the platform. The following information demonstrates the findings and subsequent recommendations for the barriers encountered.

    • Keyboard Navigation: During the testing of this platform, several keyboard navigation issues were identified, indicating elements that cannot be easily accessed through the keyboard alone. Recommendations were made to improve the functionality of keyboard navigation so users who rely on this form of navigation can access the full breadth of the platform.
    • Screen Reader Compatibility: Testers who relied on screen reader software quickly found that the RBDigital platform was highly incompatible. As screen readers are essential for visually impaired individuals who wish to navigate digital environments, this posed quite a significant barrier to access. Proper screen reader implementation was recommended so that individuals would not only be able to navigate the RBDigital platform but also access and enjoy the contact.
    • Accessible Error Messages: We can all agree that frustration and confusion are to be avoided when navigating a digital platform. Testers indicated instances where error messages were not properly formatted or did not provide a clear and understandable message. Recommendations to ensure that error messages are clearly identified and are in a consistent format and provide guidance on how to resolve the issue were made in the report.

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