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Screen Magnification

    Creator: AbilityNet

    Date Updated: January 4, 2023


    If you are interested in learning more about screen magnification technologies, this resource is a terrific starting point. The AbilityNet factsheet outlines what the screen magnification software is, what it does, and the commonly used software and options available on different computer platforms.

    The information is summarized from the Screen Magnification factsheet.

    What is Screen Magnification?

    Screen magnification is used by people with low vision. It acts like a digital magnifying glass that you can use to zoom in and out on websites, computer screens, documents, etc. Screen magnification can come pre-installed in many different operating systems, or it can be purchased, as discussed in greater depth below.

    Screen Magnification Options

    There are many different built-in or purchasable screen magnification options, including:

    • Magnifier is the built-in Windows screen magnification option.
    • Zoom is the built-in Apple screen magnification option.
    • Magnification is the built-in screen magnification option for Android devices.
    • Magnification is the screen magnification option for Chromebooks.
    • SuperNova is a purchasable screen magnification option. This software lets you split the device screen – zooming in on part of the screen but not the other.
    • Zoom Text is a purchasable screen magnification option. Using this software, you can connect a camera to your computer.

    Visit AbilityNet’s Screen Magnification factsheet.


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