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The Presenter Toolkit

    Creator: Rachel Shortt

    Date Updated: March 15, 2024


    Rachel Shortt has created a best practice guide to presentations. The presenter toolkit covers planning and designing presentations, tips, and things to think about while giving the presentation, answering any questions that may arise from your presentation material. This comprehensive resource will benefit anyone who is about to give a presentation.

    This information was summarized from The Presenter Toolkit by Rachel Shortt.

    Quick Facts

    The Presenter Toolkit is a helpful guide on effective presentation practices. Highlights from this guide include:

    • During the planning process, it is important to know your audience, set clear objectives for your presentation, and ensure it is structured logically.
    • The toolkit recommends using visuals effectively and keeping slides simple and uncluttered. This will ensure readability and appropriate font sizes and colours.
    • This guide encourages practicing delivery, managing nervousness, maintaining eye contact, using gestures and body language effectively, and speaking clearly and confidently.
    • The presenter’s tool kit gives guidance for handling questions gracefully, including listening carefully, repeating or rephrasing questions, and being honest if you don’t know the answer.

    Check out the Presenter Toolkit before your next presentation!


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