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Social Story: Ready for Reading

    Creator: Toronto Public Library

    Date Updated: March 28, 2022


    The Toronto Public Library (TPL) presents a Social Story to help children become familiar with their library. Social Stories are learning tools for children that describe different experiences and situations they will encounter when visiting their public library. TPL suggests that parents or teachers read this story with their children one or more times before visiting the library to make them feel comfortable about their visit.

    The information is summarized from the TPL Social Story.

    Quick Facts

    The Social Story is available in multiple formats, including on the website, PDF, eBraille, video with audio descriptions, audio with audio descriptions, and video with ASL. EPUB and print formats are in development.

    • The TPL Social Story describes:
      • The many different libraries around Toronto that they can visit (big and small)
      • The Children’s area in the libraries.
      • The various content/services that they can choose from (books, movies, music, computers, library programs, etc.).
      • The sensory environments in the library can be loud, or it can be quiet (and there are quiet spaces available).
      • Any physical accessibility features/requirements that are available in the library.
      • How library staff can help them find what they are looking for or check out the content, they want to take home.

    TPL also provides a picture glossary for terms used in the social story that children may not be familiar with, such as “borrowing or checking out,” “library cards,” “programs,” and staff.”

    Visit the Toronto Public Library Social Story: Ready for Reading


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