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YA Disability Database

    Creator: YA Disability Database

    Date Updated: March 28, 2022


    YA (Young Adult) Disability Database is a curated booklist of YA novels that feature disability representation. This database compiles book recommendations together that libraries can use to build their collection or as a resource for patrons.

    The information is summarized from the YA Disability Database.

    Quick Facts

    This YA database organizes books by topics, such as “Mental Health,” “Neurodivergent,” “Chronic Illness,” “Physical Disability,’ and much more.

    • The database provides information about the books, including
      • The book summary
      • Genre (tags)
      • Disability representation (tags)
      • Other representations (tags)
      • A link to buy the title on “”
      • You can add the books to your Good Reads list

    Visit the YA Disability Database


    YA Disability Database (2022). Home. Web page. Accessed March 28, 2022: Retrieved from: