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Accessibility Auditing Resources

    Creator: Digital Library Federation

    Date Updated: August 23, 2022


    This document gathers links, citations, and other resources related to accessibility audits, technologies required for audits, and developers’ resources. The resources are sorted into different categories for ease of use.

    The information is summarized from the Accessibility Auditing Resources.

    Quick Facts

    • Audit your website using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
    • Use supportive resources and checklists to create an accessible website, including A11Y and WebAim.
    • Web developers should check the accessibility of their website using tools like contrast checkers and the WAVE accessibility evaluation tools.
    • Test your website using assistive technologies (screen readers, magnification software, and much more) to make sure that your website is accessible to persons who use them.
    • Familiarize yourself with digital accessibility by reviewing websites that have already had an accessibility audit or taking accessibility classes.

    Visit the Accessibility Auditing Resources


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