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Summer Short Webinar: Accessible Hyperlinks

    Creator: Accessible Libraries

    Date Updated: October 13, 2022


    The second webinar in the Summer Short series is about creating accessible hyperlinks in your documents. We’ll guide you through creating informative and accessible hyperlinks in the practice document below.

    All the Accessible Libraries Summer Short webinars recordings are available:

    1. Headings
    2. Hyperlinks
    3. Lists
    4. Font Attributes

    What is an Accessible Hyperlink?

    First, a hyperlink is a link that users can click to open a webpage or move to another area in a document. When you add a hyperlink to your document, they are highlighted in a different colour and often underlined.

    Hyperlinks provide users with a shortcut to more information, to either an external website or within the document. Informative hyperlinks let people know where the link will take them. Hyperlinks need to be informative for users of assistive technologies who navigate using links. Screen readers identify links in the document and then read the linked text. A bunch of “Read more” links is not helpful or informative.

    Webinar Recording

    Supporting Documents

    Transcripts are available in HTML and DOCX formats: