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Summer Short Webinar: Accessible Lists

    Creator: Accessible Libraries

    Date Updated: October 13, 2022


    The third webinar in the Accessible Libraries Summer Short series discusses creating accessible lists in your documents.

    All the Accessible Libraries Summer Short webinars recordings are available:

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    2. Hyperlinks
    3. Lists
    4. Font Attributes

    What are Accessible Lists?

    Lists organize information in your document and are either unordered (Bullets) or ordered (Numbering).

    Correctly formatted lists are important for all users, especially those with print disabilities, so the information is organized and easy to read. For screen reader users, the information will be presented as a list that can be navigated to and within. Additionally, lists are read as a list of items rather than in paragraph form, making content easier to comprehend.

    How to Create Accessible Lists?

    When you make lists in your document, use the direct formatting list options. Don’t make lists with manually typed characters like dashes, numbers, asterisks, or graphics because screen readers will not recognize that formatting as a list. We recommend using the ordered list formatting if you have a multi-levelled or nested list.

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