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Creating Accessible Presentations Webinars: Supporting Documents

We appreciate your interest in the Accessible Libraries webinar series, Creating Accessible Presentations! In this series, we will talk about how to help you make your presentation slides accessible for attendees and co-workers. The four-part series will cover the following:

The slides for the first webinar, Getting Started, are available to review before our presentation. They are available in four formats – HTML, DOC, and PPT – so please choose what works best for you!

The slides for the second webinar in our Creating Accessible Presentations, learning about Features and Tools, are now available! You can review the slides before our presentation to become familiar with the upcoming discussion topics, including creating tables, using captions/subtitles, creating accessible handouts, and the PowerPoint Accessibility Checker.

The slides for the next webinar in the Creating Accessible Presentations series, all about Images, Graphics, and Videos, are available. The slides cover information about creating and adding alt text to images in your presentation, how to create long descriptions to describe graphs, adding and editing captions, describing audio-visual media, and providing a transcript.

The slides for the last webinar will be available soon.