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Web Accessibility for Designers

Aimed at designers, the article emphasizes that accessibility considerations should be integrated into the visual design process from the outset. The resource presents an infographic highlighting key principles of accessible design, covering aspects such as heading structure, reading order, contrast, text versus images, font size, and more.

Accessibility Report for Mango Languages

Mango Languages is an online learning platform often available to library patrons through their library card. This site has overall adequate accessibility for most with print disabilities. This resource describes how the websites and apps are accessible and some gotchas that should be noted when recommending this service to a patron.

Considering Accessibility when Procuring Licensed Digital Resources

Procurement, at its most basic, is the process of purchasing goods and services, and all libraries have a part to play in this activity. The procurement process for licensed digital resources in public libraries is complex, and locally variable. This guide recommends accessibility considerations to include in the procurement process of accessible licensed digital resources in general, as well as some particular considerations for accessible digital books.

Digital Accessibility Terminology

This primer from CDP Communications Inc. introduces key terminology related to digital accessibility, focusing on web and document accessibility. The primer covers outline general terms, compliance standards, accommodation approaches, and formatting content for accessibility, alongside highlighting the significance of assistive technologies and legal frameworks.

Library Access Checklist

The American Library Association (ALA) document discusses the importance of public libraries ensuring equal access to technology for those with disabilities. It provides a checklist for libraries to evaluate their level of accessibility by asking questions about the environment and users’ needs.

TalkBack Screen Reader

Google has unveiled an all-new version of its TalkBack screen reader, designed to enhance accessibility for users who are blind or have low vision. This update introduces highly requested features, including multi-finger gestures and improved navigation through apps, making it easier for users to interact with their devices.


Fable is a platform that enhances digital accessibility through the involvement of people with disabilities. It offers tools and services designed for accessibility testing and training, aimed at helping digital teams integrate inclusive practices into their work.

The Presenter Toolkit

Rachel Shortt has created a best practice guide to presentations. The presenter toolkit covers planning and designing presentations, tips, and things to think about while giving the presentation, answering any questions that may arise from your presentation material.

PressReader Testing Report

The 2020 PressReader Report provides an in-depth accessibility analysis of the PressReader website. This report highlights various accessible barriers encountered when navigating this website and accessing its content.

PrêtNumérique Testing Report

The 2021 PrêtNumérique report provides an in-depth accessibility analysis of the PrêtNumérique platform. It highlights accessible barriers encountered when testing this platform on various devices. The PrêtNumérique report is particularly useful to developers and library patrons interested in the PrêtNumérique content.

RBDigital Testing Report

The 2020 RBDigital report provides an in-depth accessibility analysis of the RBDigital platform. It highlights various accessible barriers encountered when navigating the form using various assistive technologies.

Magnifier: How to Make Things Easier to Read on the Screen

Microsoft created a thorough guide to the various functions that Magnifier on Windows 10 or 11 can perform. This guide is a helpful resource for library staff and patrons alike, as it provides instruction on how to use a quality-of-life tool for low vision or users who suffer from eyestrain.